Welcome to Lotton Glass the studios of Charles Lotton,with his sons Daniel, David and third generation grandson Tim. Our special studio artist is Scott Bayless. Our business began in 1970 with prayers and dreams when Charles began in his backyard teaching himself the art of glassblowing. Today you can find Charles experimenting with some of the most breathtaking colors in the world. The chemistry of Charles is unique to Lotton Glass. One of the very few studios in the world to start with sand. Each artist has found his own style or niche you might say that produces some of the finest glass made in the world today. Many could foresee that Charles' works today would permanently grace hundreds of museum collections. His honored collectors have followed him through over 45 years of glassmaking watching the incredible progression of design in his work. This year 2015 marks Charles' 45th year in glass. Also his 80th birthday this year! The studios are open to the public, we work generally from Monday through Friday. Take a ride and enjoy the experience. Check out Charles' Special Birthday Iris Bowl commemorating his 80th Birthday.

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